Artist's Statement

My work, by and large, is allegorical. The figurative forms I use are symbolic or metaphorical because the subject of my work is the non material aspect of the human experience which lives beyond the realm of the senses and the intellect or more commonly know as the heart or the spirit. For me, art is a silent language, which bridges the divide between the visible and invisible aspect of the human experience. Like the cover of book, it can only announces what beauty lies within the consciousness of everyone.

Light, though the use of colour and form, is the vehicle which I use to attempt to enliven the consciousness of the viewer to perhaps see the beauty which everyone is gifted with.

I have learned , that in the final analysis, it is the viewer who gives life to my work though the prism of colours of his/her life experience.

It matters not whether we are children adults, or elders, nor does it matter what culture we are from, Beauty transcends the limits of the material world in which we live and is the bridge between all the opposites we experience in our material experience.

And so to keep my body alive I eat and breathe, and to keep my spirit lively I paint.

Gerry Marchand
November 2020